Lou Fellingham Concert in Oxford

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M.A Management and leadership module

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Thoroughly enjoyed the company of a great group of students on the CYM M.A yesterday. (Always fun to be at Holy Hogwarts (Cuddesdon) too).

We looked at Ecclesial and theological frameworks in the morning
Change Management and Innovation in the afternoon

Powerpoint slides: Management MA Ian Macdonald CYM Handouts.pdf
Bibliography: Book List Management.docx


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Adventure Base

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So exciting to see that Adventure Plus are so close to their year one total for buying the land and starting the Adventure Base. Once the first payment is made they start operating the site and can begin developing it. They still need £30k in the next few weeks though so still work to be done. This is a great opportunity to be a blessing to young people, and to have an innovative approach to Christian Youthwork. SO .... if you have connections, cash or fundraising opportunities then they'd love to hear from you.


They are going to be on the Meadow at the Grand Day Out, so do go and talk to them there and find out a little more about the Base!

Not looking smooth

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It's been a great couple of weekends of cycling that saw me complete the Wiltshire 100 mile which was an epic in every sense, and then the more genteel New Forest 45 mile yesterday,

The photo was snapped at around the 89 mile mark on the Wiltshire ride, somewhere up on the downs.


Many cyclists are advocates of leg shaving. They say it is faster (more streamlined), and that it makes legs easier to either massage or to apply First Aid to (where road rash has ensued from an off). I actually think though that the main reason is that it just looks better with Lycra. This shot of me being a prime example, all looks quite slick apart from the fur *laughing*

I may be a MAMIL (Middle aged man in lycra) but I am at the neanderthal end of the spectrum.

Radical steps

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A friend of mine took this picture. I have no idea what it means but as an ecclesiologist (pretentious, moi?) I loved the fact that the path that therefore also led back away from the church was all about needing to take 'radical steps!'

radical steps.jpg

The need for the contemplative

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"Contemplation is the key to unlocking the attachments and addictions of the mind so that we can see clearly. I think some form of contemplative practice is necessary to be able to detach from your own agenda, your own anger, your own ego, and your own fear.

I find most people operate not out of "consciousness," but out of their level of practiced brain function, which relies on early-life conditioning and has little to do with God encounter or grace or mercy or freedom or love. We primarily operate from habituated patterns based on what Mom told me, what went wrong when I was young, and the defense mechanisms I learned that helped me to be right and good, to be first and famous, or whatever I may want to be. These are not all bad but they are not all good either.

All of that old and practiced thinking has to be recognized and accounted for, which is the work of contemplation. Without contemplation, you don't see clearly. Everything is all about you, and you just keep seeing everything through your own agenda, anger, and wounds. Isn't that most people you know? Few ever achieve much inner freedom. Contemplation, sadly, helps you see your woundedness! That's why most people do not stay long with contemplative prayer, because it's not very glorious. It's a continual humiliation, realizing, "Oh my God, I did it again. I still don't know how to love!" "

Richard Rohr

Youth Minister gatherings

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"It's good to talk" ....

woolhope view.jpg

1. Many of you know that I am a trustee of a residential centre in Herefordshire called Woolhope Cockshoot
On the 15th October I am hosting a day there(and overnight for those who would like to extend the time) for youth ministers in Hereford Diocese and Worcester Diocese
If you would be interested in coming too then you are very welcome. The purpose being:

a) To show you the centre and what it offers
b) For you to take some time out of your context and meet with fellow ministers
c) To gain some spiritual and professional development
d) To bless you wish some good food, fresh air and conversation.

If you are interested in coming then please RSVP to me

2. Next Diocesan Network Meeting is on November 20th in Aylesbury, to which you are warmly invited.
Good food, coffee, malarkey, prayer, learning and discussion
10:30/11am - 3pm

3. The Oxford Soulnet hub have three gatherings this term:

Thursday 25th September (Catacombs- St Aldates)
Thursday 16th October (Catacombs- St Aldates)
Thursday 13th November (Ali from Soulnet leading this session) (The Mish- St Clements)
Timings are the same as last year, 10am-12 noon.

4, The Table. A gathering in Bristol on October 13th exploring pioneering and youth ministry. Learning and community

Vision for Youth work

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NYA vision document that you'll find here

Making me smile

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10629561_10152345936651089_5729376557567663884_n (1).jpg

Captains log supplemental: ht to Miz for this rather good, Bad Powerpoint Bingo


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"It is an openness to the other--as other--that frees us for creativity and originality in our response: the other who is somehow outside my social system or the Absolute Other who gives me a reference point that relativizes all of my own. It is always an encounter with otherness that changes me. If I am not open to the beyond-me, I'm in trouble. Without the other, we are all trapped in a perpetual hall of mirrors that only validates and deepens our limited and already existing worldviews.

When there is the encounter with the other, when there is mutuality, when there is presence, when there is giving and receiving, and both are changed in that encounter, that is the moment when you can begin to move toward transformation. Maybe the word transformation scares you, but it means exactly the same as its Latin roots--to "change forms." When you allow other people or events to change you, you look back at life with new and different eyes. That is the only real meaning of human growth.

One could say that the central theme of the biblical revelation is to call people to encounters with otherness: the alien, the sinner, the Samaritan, the Gentile, the hidden and denied self, angels unaware. And all of these are perhaps in preparation and training for hopeful meetings with the Absolute Other. We need practice in moving outside of our comfort zones. It is never a natural or easy response"

Richard Rohr

One hundred miler

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I spent a great deal of yesterday gripped onto theses handlebars as I piloted my bicycle through 100 miles of the Wiltshire countryside. All in all an epic eight hours through beautiful countryside on a superb ride organised by Bike Events. Am I feeling it today? oh yes!

A couple of my friends did 100 milers last year. I was amused to find that I was envious rather than grimacing on their behalf. A year on and I'm really pleased to have completed my own ride. I am not however rushing to repeat it *laughing*

Miles by Mile narrative:

0-10 Yay
10-20 Doing OK
20-30 eek, there is a long long way to go
30-40 Rolling well
40-50 Ouch, eek and slight nervousness
50-60 May have made a mistake?
60-70 Definitely made a mistake!!!!
70-80 just KEEP pedaling
80-90 second wind, I CAN do this
90-100 I've - just - got - to - keep - going


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