Vodafone Update

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I recently blogged about the fact that whenever I make any changes to my account or upgrade my phone it tends to go very pear-shaped indeed. The latest change being a case in point ... hence the post. I did say though that by way of apology I had been told my tariff would be lowered to make up for the errors and the time it had taken to sort it out.

Just had my bill though and the promised reduction has not happened AND the person who dealt with my complaint did not actually record the reduction on the system ... no record exists it seems.

Really fed up of dealing with a company where mistakes have been so common place, where what I have been told will happen, hasn't, and a system where a sales person can tell you something and then have no accountability as all they need to do is not actually record it on the system.

Towards the edge

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Youth Worker role RAF Croughton

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This job opportunity looks really interesting and I think would have opportunity too to link up with the USAF Chaplaincy.
Details: 3- Announcement.pdf


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I was out for a stroll and spotted this heartfelt prayer which made me smile. First thought was that corporately Christians had successfully helped someone to pray! Second thought was some sympathy with the sentiment of the writer.



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Four and a half thousand words written, some of which are sensical and in some sort of order. I have a love hate relationship with the whole thing now.

What does a Youth worker do?

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Very much enjoyed the Guardian article addressing the question of what a youth worker does:

"Ultimately, all youth work has one key aim - to help young people's emotional and social development in an informal setting but through educational processes. By developing supportive relationships with young people, and opening their eyes to new experiences, youth workers foster increased confidence, ambition and empathy. This prepares them to make a positive contribution to society in adult life. Youth workers tackle a whole spectrum of issues, from behavioural difficulties to teenage pregnancy.

There are essential attributes that all youth workers need - energy, patience and creativity are paramount. And now more than ever, a positive approach to collaboration with other organisations is key. This is especially true in the public sector, where resources are limited and services are being outsourced"

The whole article is here


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I'm in Cornwall for the weekend; part retreat part live dissertation writing. Epic walk from the Campsite where Charlie van is parked through Kynance Cove (stunning) and onto the Lizard where I am writing and researching in a W-iFi equipped pub, with a pint of Tribute for company. Loving it


Autopsy of a deceased church

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Love the title of this book (above) by Thom S. Rainer. Haven't seen a copy yet but Scott Clevenger has posted a useful summary of the pathogens and symptoms cited here.

Live and Love

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Cockburn lyrics living in my heart and mind:

"A flock of birds writes something on the sky in a language I can't understand
God's graffiti -- but it don't say why so much evil seems to land on man
When everyone I meet just wants to live and love, and get along as best they can"

(Radium Rain 1986)

"God, damn the hands of glory
That hold the bloody firebrand high
Close the book and end the story
Of how so many men have died
Let the world retain in memory
That mighty tongues tell mighty lies
And if mankind must have an enemy
Let it be his warlike pride
Let it be his warlike pride"

(It's going down slow 1971)

Refugee Crisis

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Grateful but disquieted to be able to sit with these award winning photos of the refugee crisis. I'm keeping this picture open all day so I keep bumping into it.


Praying, giving, musing ... feeling uncomfortable.


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I am on four weeks study leave at the moment to complete my dissertation for the M.A. I feel really blessed to have this time to get my head around writing up all the work and study on Discipleship. It had always been my plan to do this on a sabbatical (I have been with the Diocese for 13 years) and had been saving my Sabbatical for this purpose. Sadly the Diocese stopped allowing Sabbaticals and Study leave but I was fortunate enough to be able to apply as the Diocese had not updated the staff handbook (phew) and on that basis was offered this compromise agreement of four weeks. Am loving the time to read, muse and write.


I'm writing the dissertation, putting together a web page on "Why discipleship matters" .... and there also seems to be an intentionally provocative talk emerging, "Why Christianity isn't working?"

So, I'm not actually at Church house at the moment but am picking up e-mails.

Thank you

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