National Poetry Day

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Too busy yesterday to do justice to National Poetry Day, but better late than never here's one of my favourites from the wonderful John Hegley:


Yup, they're great at this

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Youth work Training Survey

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If you are involved in youth work it would be FANTASTIC if you could complete this online survey. Thanks muchly


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Don't tell us, show us

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I was on the first day of a comedy course in London yesterday. I had a fabulous time letting my 'inner idiot' play, and learning a whole bunch of stuff. One of the things that especially stuck with me was the mantra, "Don't tell me, show me!"

I'm struck by how much the trickle down of Rationality pervades what we do in Church, we seem to be locked into, "Don't Show us, tell us!"

I could write a whole bunch of stuff about this but the irony of using 'tell' to advocate 'show' is not wasted on me. Let's have a coffee .... I'll show you what I mean

E-mail thingy from the Youth Adviser

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Just sent the October 'Mailchimp' mailing. If you are not on the list and would like to be then you can sign up here.

Emotional confusion

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Had a really weird moment this morning. I was cycling into Newbury as I am working from my Coffice this morning trying to complete various pieces of work. I suddenly felt really shaky and a bit strange. Genuinely couldn't tell if it was hunger, if I was ill, if I was excited (I'm on stage tonight) or if I was nervous (again, I am on stage tonight). Weird and discombobulating in equal measure.

I think a little bit of all of the above is probably my best guess thus far.


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Some Gen Z reflections

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Appreciated the insight from this article. A piece that rightly points out the we tend to romanticize or demonize that which is different to our own experience.


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Are you trying to be funny?

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I start on a comedy course in London at the weekend. One day a week for eight weeks.
I'm very excited about being a student at Comedy School, party because it'll be very cool and partly because how healing will it be that the classic sarcastic questions that were levelled at me by secondary school teachers now become utterly positive.

"Are you trying to be funny Ian?" er, YES!
" MACDONALD ....Would you like to share the joke with the rest of the class?" er, actually ... I would!

"Being a clown will not get you anywhere!!!!" *laughing* oh but it has

Sticky Faith in the Diocese in October

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Two Sticky Faith training events running in October:

19th October in Buckingham
22nd October in Reading
(There is also an event in Abingdon on 21st specifically around parenting)

Sticky Faith The Oct 2015 Tour Flyer.pdf
sticky faith flyer - Abingdon.pdf


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