The Voice of Future Generations

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A United Nations backed project giving voice to young people and their views of the future.
Voice of Future Generations

A related article too from the Guardian written by a 9 year old.

Good Stuff

The Internet is a strange place

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Parenting Children for a Life of Faith

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A Zombie Apocalypse group have decided to follow me on Twitter. Nice to know that ahead of a Zombie apocalypse the pre-undead subscribe to an interest in comedy, youth ministry and emerging church.


Assemblies, Collective Worship and Schools

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A training event that is happening in the Diocese on May 12th. If you are interested in being part of it then you'll find details here

" This is a free evening event for clergy, Lay Ministers, Children and Youth Workers who lead acts of collective worship in primary or secondary schools."

Ace Space

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The wonderfully welcoming community arts project called ACE SPACE where I do most of my gigs has a new web site. It's a very cool venue indeed and hosts some great gigs. (I especially recommend 'Police Dog Hogan' in November which I'll definitely be buying tickets for). Have a look.

Christian Youth Work Awards

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Time to be nominating people .... have a look at the categories and take the chance to honour the amazing folk out there. Details


Six Thousand worder

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The deadline is looming menacingly on the horizon, appearing larger and larger as the footpath of time draws me ever closer to it.

Just saying.

MUST ... DO .... MORE ..... WRITING. WANT .... MY .... LIFE ... BACK!


Youth Worker job opportunity

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The Anglican church in Burford looking for a worker, looks like a great opportunity for an experienced worker. Have a look

The Joy of Fettling

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The control unit on Haddons mobility scooter had come loose and wasn't working properly ... max speed down to 1.5 mph. Some rather fun disassembly revealed that the metal plate holding the trigger unit was no longer being held in place by both (rather inadequate) small threaded bolts. There was no way of replacing the bolt as the threaded piece of plastic had sheared off plus it wasn't tough enough in the first place.

Drilled a hole instead and used a self tapping screw BUT I reckoned it would still work loose so reached for a superb geek weapon, Q BOND. The stuff is fantastic as a fixative. You basically pour fine powder into the space you need bonded, add a couple of drops of the 'glue' and the powder INSTANTLY sets into rock hard solid that adheres to whatever it touches. Genius

and I thought this was a bit like Youth work really
(ok, not really .... just couldn't remember why I started writing this)

* Now back at 4 mph flat out and can get up to this speed in less than 10 seconds!

Transitions to religious adulthood

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Interesting paper I need to be able to find again so pinning it just .........


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