Schools and Outreach worker Job

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Wycombe YFC are looking to recruit.
More Information: YFC Job add.pdf

"We are looking for someone to work with the existing Wycombe YFC Team to support and grow our work with children and young people in schools (Key Stages 2 - 5). We have a range of existing work that the successful application will be involved in (i.e. Schools Work, Youth events and town-wide Children's and Youth Work) and the role also provides an exciting opportunity to develop a new mentoring programme within schools."

The correct answer

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Outdoor Education Instructor Gap Year

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If you are looking for Outdoor Ed' training and experience with a dynamic Christian Organisation then the Distil programme from Adventure Plus is a great opportunity.

Information thereof: DisTIL 2015-16.pdf

Comedy and the centenary of the war

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The next open-mic night at ACE SPACE is themed around the Centenary of the war. That makes comedy a huge challenge I think.

Any thoughts on whether there is an avenue that can be explored, or whether I should pass on this slot?

(I have a slot at the Corn Exchange though on the 20th November. It's upstairs in the bar at the 'Live n Lyrical' evening)

Mission and Young People

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Thoroughly enjoyed the energy and engagement on the Mission Course last night as we looked at Young people. As promised, here are the links and references:

The Powerpoint is here: mission course DCH2014.ppt

To sign up for the Monthly Youth Ministry E-mail. Click here
The Brierley Book "Pulling out of the Nose Dive" (2005 Church Census)
We also spoke about the phenomena of Tweenagers. You can explore this further by putting this term into the 'search' in the side bar of the blog
The Richard Rohr book on rites of male initiation was Adam's Return

Our conversation around Contemplative spirituality and discipleship made reference to the Brene Brown TED talk on 'The Power of Vulnerability' (below)

We also talked about the eight thoughts. This is a link to a book written by Angela Tilby who works for the Diocese.

Bishop Consultation

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Am currently on a tour of youth groups running discussions with young people, and gleaning their perspectives on the new Bishop. Huge thanks to Greenham for their hospitality last night .... and for a really engaging session.

Still got some slots available .... or there is an invitation to bring some young people to Church House in half term .... on the 31st!

I'm listening


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Happy Birthday

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ceyc anniversary.jpg

Today is a celebration of 10 years for the CEYC, the Church of England Youth Council. Tonight will see a shindig at York Minster which I'm sadly unable to get to BUT here's wishing you all a great evening!


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"Christians are not naturally born... Christians are intentionally made by an adventuresome Church."

Stanley Hauerwas
(ht to Paperback theology)

Pushing doors

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A friend of mine bought a door today, nothing interesting in that per se, however she bought it off a door to door salesman! The idea of a door to door DOOR salesman is, to my mind, quirkily funny. The random comedy background part of my brain is left playing with this arena of literal product to medium pairing; the purchase of a new Car Boot for instance, or a disappointed Entomologist confusedly wandering the stalls of the flea market.

No comedy oil struck but an interesting exploratory drill nevertheless

Children and Families act 2014

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There's a guide here which maybe useful.

Job Opportunity in Reading

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St Matthews Reading, Southcote are looking for a half-time Youth Pastor.
Details Youth pastor job advert.pdf


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